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Long Branch - Canadian Arsenals Ltd.

Water towers are it for notholden. If you live near one please post it. And if you like them please visit my Simcoe American Can post on Rural Ruin.

I remember this one from when I was a kid and there was still a functioning plant under it. The plant was demolished in the 1990s and the site is under "remediation" - a few photos from this afternoon...

Canadian Arsenals Ltd., Small Arms Division was a crown corporation sited just west of Toronto on the shore of Lake Ontario. In 1941 it began to manufacture infantry weapons for the Canadian war effort. The plant was a single storey brick building with large windows, a sawtooth roof, and black water tower.

Over 900,000 Lee-Enfield rifles were produced at Long Branch and the plant continued to do defence-related work until 1986. From that year the post office made use of the site until demolition.

The ground is polluted, weedy and undeveloped although a pleasant cycling trail loops past. A patch of Carolinian forest exists here that is noted among bridwatchers. Much of the site is pleasant for naturalist's in fact - weeds, brambles, wild flowers abound. In amongst the vegetation are curious structures related to the rifle ranges. A large concrete backstop(?) faces half a dozen or so wooden ones. If these are not backstops possibly they are freight loading related structures. Can anyone confirm?

The wooden backstops are in fairly good shape for simple structures left out in over 50 Canadian winters.

The tank was directly above the plant. I imagine the soil on the plant site has typical brownfield pollutants.

Glad the water tank remains. A local sight for so long, it would not be right to remove it.

Wild roses where the guns once bloomed.

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