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The Tower

Been curious about this local light tower for a while. I figure it will be disappearing fairly soon. About 70 feet or so, it used to sit next to a non-descript single storey building that was knocked down within the last few years. The tower used to provide illumination for some sort of freight transfer yard (Massey Harris-related?).

I was going to borrow a harness from agent LEON (see Vickaroy posting) and climb this sucker but he talked me out of it. ...if calling me a fucking nut is talking me out of something that is. Anyway, here are a few photos.

Say goodbye - a series of condo towers is slated for the site.

The business end - bet the view isn't bad:

Tires dumped illegally - we are next to a rail line here:

This fuse box is attached to one leg:


Back of fuse box:

Next to one footing there is thick, busted glass from the flood lights:

It would be cool if they just left the tower alone and let vines grow right up the height of it...

...that'll never happen. Bye for now...

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