Padraig MacIain (darkewolf) wrote in urban_decay,
Padraig MacIain

Perth is slowly decaying from the inside out

A collection of sites around Perth, near where I work.

The side is cut off (sorry about the blur).

Old Salvation Army building

The steps to the aging 'Perth Concert Hall'

The remaining pics are part of a series of the same building. It used to be an office space, got abandoned (reclaimed eventually?) and then got used as a place for squatters. And now. Its boarded up fairly tight. And damnit, its sexy.

Once was a door (front entrance)

I think this was an underground carpark, now its a lake (rear)

Windows smashed out by squatters and vandals (rear)

I love the service roller doors and the other doors that lead to nowhere (rear)

This is the side of the building where, if memory serves, another building once stood (side)

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