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Prague Decay

I think Prague may be the City of Decay. There's beauty everywhere, and it's all coated with soot, dirt, graffiti, the acid of soals pressed into a city with more history than sense. I stayed in an apartment that looked out, less than a block away, on the Suicide Bridge, near Vysehrad.

Floor in the stairwell of the apartment building.

Views from the back window of the apartment:

The Suicide Bridge:

Secessionist facades, a marriage of beauty and decay, art and loss:

Entrance to dungeons? These are in the moat that surrounds Prague Castle (itself a complex of buildings including the Cathedral of St. Vitus), far beyond a "Do Not Enter," sign (in Czech):

Three worn and decaying markers from the National Cemetary. Every headstone in the place is a work of art; these are just 3 that show the decay of the years.

(I sincerely hope grave markers are acceptable here... if not, I'll remove these.)

I have a really lovely one of an outdoor escalator encrusted with graffiti, but there's a person in it, so I left it out. The rest of the photos are here, here, and here.

Edited: Thank you to everyone who commented. I don't want to keep saying "Thanks," -- I'm starting to sound like an LJ-equivalent of a broken record! But I appreciate all the comments!
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