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The following pictures were taken last weekend in Eureka, California, in and around the industrial districts west of the city.

As I understand it, Eureka was once a boom town with major logging and lumber industries as its main lifeblood. It's situated on Humboldt Bay and is one of the only level-ground coastal regions within a hundred miles, which made it a good locale for ship and rail connections.

In the last half of the 20th century, the logging industry declined due to environmental pressures. Highway 101 was cut through the lost coast, suddenly creating a cheap, easy truck link to San Francisco, thus rendering most direct shipping to Eureka defunct. As of last year, one of the last major mills shut its doors, sealing the fate of Eureka as a tourist town rather than an industrial one.

These are train tracks that obviously haven't been used in a long time. The photo was taken standing on a more recent fishing dock, which cuts right through where the tracks would have run. This is the end of the line, as the tracks simply stop here; there's hardly anything past this to suggest they ever kept going, not even any poles sticking up from the water.

These... well, I don't know what these were. They're big concrete blocks, maybe 8 or 10 feet high, with semicircles moulded out of their tops. They fringe what is a vast, otherwise empty lot. Off in the distance were big piles of wood chips, so there's some sort of milling happening nearby, but I'd really like to know what these things were originally there for.

Just a fabulously rusted-out car. It just seemed out of place in a truck yard with otherwise operable-looking vehicles...
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