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False ruin and real ruin...

I model for a photographer, to whom I've pretty much give carte blanche... he can do whatever he wants with my body, as long as I don't get hurt, and so far (with some minor exceptions, i.e. burrs jabbing me in the butt), he's never let me down.

These were taken, as part of a series on homicide, about 2 blocks from my house in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City. They are not your usual urban_decay images, so here's a link to them, but first, the caveats:
a) there's a person in them, namely me.
b) the person in them appears to be dead. She is (I am) not, and the images aren't colorful enough to be overly gory, but if you don't like the idea of such imagery or you're worried that they might trigger anything unpleasant, please don't click.
c) if there's any complaint about this link, this post is going away, and I'll be extremely (seriously) contrite.

You're sure?
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