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Brantford - Downtown & Airport

Here's a few pictures from a quick photo recon to Brantford, Ontario (Canada)

A classic of post-industreality and suburban sprawl. You know, the once-busy manufacturing town brought to its knees... the forces of free trade, economic change, decentralization.

The old commercial centre has looked better.

Can you say Flint, Michigan kids? To help hide the decay they paint these cartoon-like silhouettes on the boarded up windows. They are sort of meant portray ordinary town life. The result is, well...pretty creepy huh?

Mail slot on the main drag.

Brantford boomed during the Second World War.

Brantford is Wayne Gretzky's hometown.

I did say Hopperesque didn't I? This is what I meant by that.

Nope, not the perkiest part of town anymore.

Some guys working in an alley.


Went by the airport as well...

Looks like this pair of DC-4/C-54s are being parted out as they rot. Both were based from Toronto into the early 1980s.

Thought I'd slip this in as a recent post of junked aircraft in Florida was reasonably well received. Coming across these aircraft was a bit of an unexpected bonus.


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