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:: Old set, but some shots that go over big ::

:: The smell of smoke just before noon, ended with 21 hours of fun with fire trucks. ::

> I took over 4

:: Random photos can pay off. ::

:: I took the above photo while waiting for my bus. ::

:: I shot the above photo as I got to Broad Street after smelling smoke at my apartment a block away. The cops and the first fire truck are just getting there. (fire started just before noon) ::

:: Above was taken on Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia. This was photo # 71 I shot. I was first on scene with a camera. The fire Truck above was also first on scene and this explosion pictured here ended up with the below Photo. ::

:: Photo # 203 is just one big ball of flames ::

:: Photo # 215 is nice. The ground was smoking after the ball of flames rolled across the street setting the fire truck, cars, trees, the building across the street and more on fire. This fire started with the building on the left and ended up setting over 21 other building on fire over 5 city blocks to reach I95 & crossed I95 to set fire to a shed. My apartment was in the fire zone, but didn't burn. One women did die, the news media didn't note the death, she was just some poor lady with medical problems.  The fire didn't kill her, the city shut our electric off at 1pm that day and left it off till 5pm the next day. That was what killed the lady, she was on some sort of life support that needed power. All the news noted about this fire was the loss to the college. ::

:: Above is all that was left of the building that started it all. ::

:: This building was across the street, right where I was standing taking photos. The day after left over 21 building looking like this. There are two cars under that pile. ::

> Why post this now? it is seven months later and the building that started it all is below as seen on 07 October 2004.

:: How to kill over 21 buildings in a day? Build a wood framed building in a city that doesn't know what it is doing. ::

:: The above building will be student housing & store fronts at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. on Broad Street. It is a wood frame building, just like other large student housing in the area. College students with a kitchen, it won't be long till the next fire. ::

> Skulz <

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