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:: Tropical storm Gaston hits Richmond, Va. ::

:: Don't park in a flood zone. Gaston hit Richmond, Virginia on 01 Sep. 2004. ::

:: The parking lot for MCV Hospital in Richmond, Va on 02 Sep. 2004 ::

:: The rain came, and didn't stop falling for a while. I live up the hill and I had almost a foot of water and I live on the top of a hill. This lot is built over an old creek bed at the bottom of many hills, that is why it is called "The Bottom", it is at the bottom of the major hills in this city. It is a flood zone, go figure why it had a flood. ::

:: Both photos were taken from Broad Street in Richmond, Virginia. My old outdated Press pass works some of the time, but not this time. I couldn't get any closer, so all the good shots I couldn't get. The night of the flood I was clearing out my basement as the water came in my place as well. There was so much rain the water came up the drains. My work, the Village Caffee had about 2 feet of water in the back area. The village co-owns River City Dinner that was in the middle of the 10 feet the bottom got. ::

:: I need a new Press Pass, I have to move back to Philly for that, the Richmond paper only uses in-house, they don't support freelance :( ::

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