wawa (webwawa) wrote in urban_decay,

On the way home late last night I passed this place I had noticed was all ripped up the other day... but I didn't have my camera with me. On a whim - I stopped to take photos. It's just the shell of a building or garage covered with trash... Dallas, TX lower greenville area. I don't know what it was there before, it had never caught my eye.. but of course now that it was being torn down / up - I noticed...

sorry the photos aren't that great, it was really late and I was out alone so I had to hurry - using camera as my flashlight...

(I know that one is really blurry but I liked it anyway... )

Found an empty Ouija box on the ground... lid and bottom...

This is where I was - it was very dark so my flash couldn't reach to show the structure...

mmm dog food. reminds of a Good Times episode...

that is all! thanks for looking...
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