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DeBary, Florida

I found these things today when I got lost while mountain biking. So I pulled out my cam and fired off a few pics =). I had to run into the open gate of the house to get these and get out before the redneck ran out and shot me. Just kidding. But I was a bit uneasy about the large pains of broken bulletproof glass. So I went as fast as possible =P

A Very Old Cement Mixer with A-Frame Crane On The Back

A Semi-Old Fork Lift With Adjustable Forks

A Rusted Yellow (was yellow) Crane Burried Under Lots Of Weeds-N-Shit.

Another Shot Of The Cement Mixer.

A Shot Of The Tumbler Assembily.

Another Shot Of The Crane. Missing Windows And Stuff.

And Another..And Another... This Crane Was In Such Bad Shape It Wasnt Even Funny.

Last Pic Of The Cement Mixer.
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