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:: Taking a walk to take photos today was nice ::

:: I posted the VCU fire photos here the other day. Well today I was walking around the Carver area in Richmond, Virginia and took some shots of some of the buildings burned by that fire that are still a mess. The fire was the 26, March, 2004. I took the photos here today (08 Oct.) ::

> I posted the other photos under my web page LJ <

:: Ok, the last set I posted about the fire were taken the day of & the day after. The photos here are taken 7 months later. This first photo was the last building to catch fire and it was right next to the first set of buildings to burn due to the fire "walking" across the street. If you note the first set, this building is right behind the one that I noted ~there were cars under there~ ::

:: The photos below are the backs of the buildings across the street from where the fire started. In the above photo there is a small alley right by the trailer, that is where I went for the photos below. ::

:: I had more photos, I filled two memory cards for my camera today (over 600 photos) of the Carver section of Richmond, Virginia. The above buildings were burned by fire. Just so you can see, this area wasn't much better before the fire. The two photos below are also in the Carver section, right down the street from my apartment and they were not burned in the big fire. Most of this area looked like this when I moved here. ::

:: Yes, that is a tarp on the one building. They are re-building this area due to the college I go to is getting bigger. The two buildings above & the burnt out buildings are being fixed up. ::

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