Targaff (targaff) wrote in urban_decay,

Urban decay in and around

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Salford, Manchester - the above graffitied wall stands on its own in one corner of what is now a University of Salford car park. I think it used to be a tram depot...

... although the only proof I have in support of that are the tramlines like this that cross the car park.

Salford, Manchester - Not the greatest piece of self-promotion in the world.

But "You may go further and fare worse". Apparently.

Eccles, Manchester - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say.

Didsbury, Manchester - "Coming Soon, Next Week... maybe" (the sign actually says "goosed", oddly enough).

Moss Side, Manchester - "In Case of Fire, Jump Here"

Rusholme, Manchester - This petrol station has a strange feel to it... many of the buildings around it are thriving or redeveloping and it stands on its own on a busy road looking rather lonesome.

Moss Side, Manchester - "Water to wine - twenty-nine!" (thanks quen ;)

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