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Old Croton Aqueduct

Today I walked the Old Croton Aqueduct in the Bronx with the Friends of the Old Croton Aqueduct as a part of "open house new york." The highlight was definitely a trip to the top of the highbridge water tower in Manhattan. The tower is octagonal and there are fantastic views in every direction. Even the expressway looks beautiful from up there. The tour was rather tame by "urban exploration" standards—but definitely worth the time.

On the Bronx side of the high bridge one can walk right up to the bridge entrance and, by peering through a heavy steel gate, one may catch a glimpse of the oh-so tempting pedestrian path that soars unobstructed over the Harlem river. How I long to walk over that bridge. I’m telling you, my soul is aching.

Deeper in the Bronx along the aqueduct one finds a series of paths that run behind the apartment buildings surrounded by crumbling masonry and wild grass. One section of the path is closed off by a gate at the back of "Aqueduct Lands Playground" at W 183 St. and Tremont. Looking through the gate I could see silver leaves dancing in the wind and tall black park lamps with broken bulbs buried in ragged greenery.

On the Bronx side of the park our guide showed us a wonderful flight of dark, stone Victorian stairs that goes down to the water just beneath the high bridge. Later, on the Manhattan side we were lost momentarily in high bridge park—but luckily, I know that park quite well from my painting excursions and I felt quit proud that I could lead the way.

I know I promised photos… but I forgot my camera! I guess I’ll just have to do the whole walk over again! (not that I mind)
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