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:: The Park Hotel ~ VCU area ~ Richmond, Virginia ::

:: went climbing around in the old hotel again. This place has been abandoned for years due to the asbestos in the place. They just started working on this place as well. With all the expansion at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University) most every building near is being rehabbed and turned into over-priced apartments for students. It is about $600/room for a lot of the places, some are even more. I have found cheaper rent in Los Angles & Philly than near VCU. The kids going to The University of Penn can even get an apartment for less. This place will be student apartments soon now that they are starting to work. ::

:: The building ::

:: Part of the parking deck ::

:: The service deck area ::

:: In the service deck area ::

:: Inside a room ::

:: Looking down a hall ::

:: the main elevator ::

:: Down another hall ::

:: More elevators ::

:: Graffiti in the stair well ::

:: Looking out a window to the pool ::

:: More Graffiti in the stairs ::

:: The upper floors ::

:: they are clearing the building out to turn it into apartments. ::

:: Pile~o~junk ::

:: Caution tape ? ::

:: More junk ::

:: Went back at night ::

:: I didn't post all of the photos, I didn't take as many as I should have. I was down in the pool area, but there was a wild pack of drunk street bums and I didn't feel like having to "fight them off" so I just made my exit. Getting inside this one required my skillz. This building was basically safe, it was abandoned due to the asbestos in the place and the cost to remove it. ::

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