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:: The house on the corner ::

:: More from the Carver Neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia. ::

:: The back yard. ::

:: This house was a fly-by-night church, and more until it became unsafe to use. Then it was left to the drug dealers for a while, then a homeless guy move in. They started to clean it up to renovate the place but it was found to be structurally unsafe. The walls are ready to fall and having people in or around isn't safe. Since this is a poor neighborhood the construction workers just left. Most buildings like this are then fenced in to keep people in the area safe. Not in Richmond city, this city doesn't care about the poor or low-income people. The walls of this building can collapse at any time. Wonder who will pay if the wall falls on a person walking by? ::

:: Looking in through the front door ::

:: I didn't enter this building, it just isn't safe. As I took photos debris were falling from the ceilings and roof. It was sorta raining out and that was bringing stuff down. ::

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