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:: I went back to the Fulton Gas Works for a third visit ::

:: I was back at the Fulton Gas Works today. I originally headed off to the South Side of Richmond to hit an old tobacco warehouse. Well I got there and found the building was locked up tight and using my skillz was not a good idea since some of the out buildings are rented and in use. I found another building in the “Bottom” & went in, but I was unarmed and felt I should come back when I was armed or not alone. Not many go to the Fulton Gas Works, and I wanted that old movie projector to turn into a lamp. ::

:: I shot the out buildings and ruins today, so I will post that. ::

:: The out buildings are among some ruins of an old building that I have not been able to identify its use. ::

:: There was a circular hole above and lots of sink holes I had to be very careful. This entire site was covered in sinkholes where pipes and other structures and workings were visible. There were also "wells" that were open with valves in them. If one was to try to visit this site at night it could be very hazardous. ::

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