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Final set Nortown Theater. Chicago, Illinois.

Down, down, down to the basement we go. Wet, dank and murky including mystery flooded rooms that led on to who knows where and one room that smelled like death.

I give you what will one day be the death of the Nortown. If the roof doesn't fall in, that is.

The first thing we encounter is the boiler. All is full of the sound of pumping water and she sits, waiting patiently for something.

Another genuine kewanee boiler. Apparently this one is a "bulldog firebox" boiler. This basement has seen more water than the Adelphi, so things down here are a lot more ... interesting.

Well maybe not more interesting for someone who may try to save her one day, but more interesting for the camera and for all you rustlovers out there.

From this angle you can just barely see the small lake of putrid water in the bottom of the boiler.

Here's a close up from an earlier angle that I like....

The back ends of the boilers seem a little dryer.

The rooms around the side of the boiler are inaccessable. I go as far into the pools of water as I need to see that the lower rooms are submerged. I don't feel like wading into these rooms to see what hole I can fall into and break my ankle. Looking into these rooms it appears that the water has recently receded.

Further down there's a second room that I get the same feeling from as the first. Parts of this basement don't feel friendly. Maybe some of you think I'm being silly, but there were areas of this theater that did not want to be looked at. There were areas that neither I nor my partner in crime would venture into.

Further away from the boiler we glimpse the letter holder for a marguee that doesn't exist anymore.

Bright and shiny down here. I have no idea what this thing does, but I like the way it looks.

I wonder where in the theater they used to keep this, and how it came to be dropped down here to die.

Under the second set of stairs I find what looks like old helium for blowing up balloons for the kiddies.

Walking around the raised concrete platform in the middle of the room I find this poor thing that has fallen over. The stress of the lonely years seems to have conquered it, and it has given up.

Detail from the floor.

And on this note, we're done with our exploration of the shuttered Nortown Theater.

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