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Urban Decay

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a community for people who find beauty in decay. If you love abandoned buildings, historical places, things that are falling apart--anything of the sort, then this is the place. Here you can post photos of things you have seen and share them with others who will appreciate it.

For the purposes of this community, Urban Decay is defined as any form of decay or degeneration [other than that specifically banned in rule 2] found within an urban environment. This includes graffiti, machinery and trash. "Urban" is defined as anywhere within a built-up area - city or town: the standard dictionary definition.

Community rules:

1 - This is a moderated community. Posts must be approved by a moderator, which may take up to 24 hours, possibly more. Until a post is approved, it will not be visible in this community.

2 - This community is for urban imagery. Similar communities which may also be of interest include (but are not limited to) rural_ruin, rundown_town, abandonedplaces, deadmachinery and deathly_decayed.

3 - Due to the image intensive nature of this community, we ask that all photos posted outside a lj-cut tag be no more than 800 pixels wide, and that there be no more than two photos outside a lj-cut per post. How to use the lj-cut tag.

4 - Please include a location (city/town) and description of your photo(s) if possible.

5 - Images in which a person is represented as the decay [that is, where the "Urban Decay" concept is being implicitly applied to the human subject, such as a street dweller] are banned and will be deleted/rejected.

In addition, images that feature a person as the focus, but the emphasis of the "decay" is the setting surrounding the person, are discouraged (though not banned). A couple of people-shots in a set might be tolerated but please don't overdo it. Approval of posts containing images with people in them is up to the discretion of the moderators.

6 - Do not post photos belonging to other individuals without permission/credit. Also, do not use images posted in this community without permission/credit.

Unauthorized use or theft of other people's images will be referred to the LiveJournal Abuse Team for investigation and further action.

7 - Posting links to sites or other LiveJournal communities that are appropriate to the topic of this community is acceptable and encouraged. However, it is the responsibility of anyone posting such links to ensure that the link has not already been posted. Entries pointing to links that have already been posted may be deleted without warning.

People who post inappropriate links will be banned from urban_decay.


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